Shropshire takes advantage of a new Green Energy

A poultry business based in Shropshire have officially revealed their new project that will see it create renewable energy as part of a multi-million pound investment

Shropshire takes advantage of a new Green Energy background

Chicken Manure to power Shropshire Poultry plant, and potentially surrounding areas.

Oakland Farm Eggs, located near Wem, have installed new equipment which will allow them to turn chicken manure into green electricity. 

The brand new poultry manure combustion unit will be able to generate enough electricity to power the site, with excess energy being sold or fed back into the national grid.

The Griffiths family have proudly stated they are currently operating the largest Combined Heat and Power waste burning plant in the world, able to produce 5 megawatts of thermal energy, and nearly 1 megawatt of electrical energy, per day. They generate this power by utilising 74 tonnes of layer manure that their hens produce on site. 

This system improves living conditions for the hens, reduces local pollution from speading manure, and helps generate an organic ash-based fertiliser which will be utilised by local farms.